Traditional authentic old Slavic shirt


Kosovorotka shirt

Send us your measures and our seamstresses will create your Kosovorotka shirt for you. 

Depending on the selected options such shirts can cost 200, 300, 500 Euros and more.

The shirt you see on the page you can have for only 50 Euro (including VAT; plus postage.)

Yes, I want to order.

If you want to have some models with embroidery please let us to get in touch and discuss all the detail.

We gladly will create a proposal specially for you. Please be prepared that the proposal will be expensive, as we're talking about hand-made ecologically clean shirts here. 

Creation time: up to a month

As soon as your shirt becomes ready we'll inform you. 

Delivery time: (after your shirt was created) up to a month (normally within 2 weeks)

Postage for Germany - 7.50 Euros

Postage for Europe -

Postage for North Amerika -

Postage for other countries of the world -

Payment conditions: - 50% up front before shirt creation and 50% before delivery

Usually we deliver your shirt in a birch box. 

If you don't want that we can send you your shirt in a cardboard box.

And if you don't want a cardboard box either we'll send your shirt to you in a plastic postage package. 

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You can buy already made Kosovorotka shirts in our online shop

Buy Kosovorotka shirts in LAD Retail UG online shop


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